Collierville Farmer’s Market Update

DUE TO COVID-19, the market has made some adjustments to our usual operating procedures. Your patience and help are needed during this time to keep the market a safe place for all. Thank you. Please note the following:

Market opens at 8am and will close at 12:00. Please refrain from arriving before 8am as the vendors are still setting up.

Customers should not walk between vendor tents. The market will close off some parking spaces at this time in order to spread the vendors out. There will be one parking space between each vendor. The space will be “roped off” to ensure social distancing.

Vendors must wear masks.

Vendors will be spaced at least 8 feet from each other with signs showing where to form a line and what direction the line will go. (look for chalk markings on the ground for line direction) Avoid walking through lines if possible. NOTE: Vendor locations may change weekly.

Shoppers are encouraged to wear masks. Only one family member should attend the market - the market is not considered a social event at this time. Please keep your children safe at home if you can.

Social Distancing is a must - please keep at least 6 feet from other shoppers; this includes while in line.

Your patience is appreciated if you have to wait in line at some vendor booths. To better serve you, we ask that you have your shopping list and payment ready when it is your turn. While we love to chat with you, we ask that you limit your conversations at this time to your purchases to keep the line moving.

Please read all signage at the market to better assist with you while shopping.

Please respect each other’s space. Please, do not be offended if you are asked to back up or move to a safer distance - we want to keep everyone safe and continue to have the best market we can at this time.